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Condition: Excellent 

Original Piece on cardstock by Ed Benes


Shipping Options:


COMBINED SHIPPING $ 1 (If you recently purchased and haven't received a tracking code yet, choose this option and we can combine the pieces.)


Payments via Paypal and ship to worldwide!


Reinforced packages.


At the moment we are with barriers for packages from Australia and Mexico, any purchases from these countries we ask customers for patience because we will only be able to ship packages when we are allowed to.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy - 09"x12" Pencil

  • 1 - customer withdrew from the purchase: The customer has up to two days to request a refund of their purchase, the entire amount paid will be refunded with the exception of any fee charged by Paypal, The payment method on the site is Paypal, a Once the purchase has been made, paypal charges its transaction fee and the site is not responsible for refunding the Paypal fee if the institution does not do so.

    2 - piece damaged: in case any package arrives to the customer with some damage to the original piece, we ask that photos be sent by email that will be evaluated and verifying the intensity of the damage to the piece, it will be requested that the originals be shipped back to us and as soon as the damaged pieces are received new identical pieces will be produced and sent back to the client; there is also the option of refund if the customer prefers, but following the same criteria of paypal rate mentioned in the previous item.

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